Vintage Flower Garden Quilt Quandary

Here is my most recent purchase on ebay — a big quilt top made up of single flower garden blocks sewn together without a path.  When I purchased it, I was planning on taking the blocks apart and resetting them, but now that I’ve seen it in person, I’m having doubts.

The top is a nice size (72″ x 90″) with a couple of uneven edges.


The 1930s dress prints are so sweet.


And, unlike most vintage tops/blocks I purchase, the stitching is very neatly done.


I just can’t get past the randomness of the set, and all those flowers butting up against each other.  Since there’s very little contrast among all those pastels, it just looks like kind of a mush to me.  Am I being ridiculous?

Here’s some alternative sets I was considering when I bought the top.  The most obvious idea was to separate the single flowers with a white path.


The second idea was to add a third row to each flower in a coordinating solid, and add a white path.  I love the printed hexagon border on this example.


The last set is a little more unusual, with a third row in white and a solid color path.


What do you think?  Do you like any of these alternatives, have another suggestion, or am I crazy to take this top apart?

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