Two Crazy Quilts and Some Paper Dolls

My friend, Patty (Patalier on Etsy), recently found two vintage crazy quilt pieces at her local thrift store. She purchased both, keeping one for herself and sending the other one to me, because she knew I would love it.


She also sent a photo of the cute quilt she made from her piece.  She cut squares out of her section, using her own fabrics for the block and quilt borders, and then she added her amazing machine quilting.  The quilt is available in her Etsy shop, along with several other beautiful quilts she has made using vintage tops and blocks.



Patty’s quilt inspired my own, but I decided to cut out the individual prints in my piece to make my own smaller crazy blocks, adding some additional vintage fabrics from my stash. For the sashing, I used a vintage green ditsy Quadriga Cloth (a very smooth, tightly woven percale) that I purchased months ago from Patty’s shop.  I’m still in the process of spiffing up the house, and I am making this little quilt to hang on the wall in our bedroom.



There was just enough of the ditsy fabric left to use as a background in my spray painted frame displaying these cute reproduction paper dolls — a gift my sister brought back from her recent trip to Copenhagen.  It’s been ages since I’ve cut out paper dolls.


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