Sewing Room Makeover

No, I have not been vacationing at some exotic locale.  During this latest hiatus from blogging, I have been on a binge of fixing up a few rooms in our house — the sewing room, family room, and our bedroom.  When one of these moods hits me, my husband generally just stands back and lets me do my thing.  There is more furniture stripping and painting left to do, but here’s the list of my projects so far:

Reupholstered a chair and ottoman
Painted several pieces of furniture, lamps, frames & baskets
Recovered my sewing chair and a couple of lampshades
Made a new bedskirt and polished my childhood brass bed
Assembled two pieces of Ikea furniture
Made a curtain and an ironing board cover
Cleaned out and reorganized my sewing room

The only room that is actually finished is the sewing room, where I made good use of one of the bolts of fabric I purchased at the Goodwill.  Did you notice the porthole?  It’s real — one of two installed in our bedrooms by the previous owner of our house (over 22 years ago), who worked in the fishing industry.

Here’s the view if you’re standing in the doorway.  I covered my ironing board with the Goodwill fabric, and spray painted the wicker chest.



I removed the closet doors long ago when Emily moved out of this room (her walls were purple!).  Here’s more of the Goodwill Waverly print made into a curtain to hide some of the ugly plastic storage boxes at the top of the closet. This is where I store most of my vintage yardage and scraps, quilts in progress, and fabric for aprons and the little girl dresses I make from vintage patterns.



Another view of the closet, and my cutting table.  The storage below is still kind of messy.



The cutting table again, some of my doll quilts, and the cross stitch pictures made for me by my mother and my sister, Mary.



Here’s the cute crib quilt I purchased from Barbara at Oodles and Oodles (see her post here about this quilt), and the sewing chair I painted and recovered.



This is the wall across from my sewing table.  I wrote a post ages ago about this Sailor Dog Quilt that Gordon’s grandmother made for him when he was a baby.



I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

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