Poster Picture Book to color — Peter Mabie, 1934

This is a wonderful old coloring book that I’ve been wanting to share for some time.  Unfortunately, all but a few of the 96 pages have been colored with crayon, so each illustration requires a cleanup in Photoshop.  I shouldn’t complain, because I’m amazed that these books survive at all as the newsprint type paper becomes very brittle with age.  The cover of this book is unusual in that it’s paper covered heavy cardboard — sort of a lightweight hardback book.

Normally I try to avoid purchasing used coloring books, but Peter Mabie is one of my all-time favorite illustrators, and, although I have several other Mabie books, this is my only coloring book.  I love the simple designs with only one picture on each page, and think they would be perfect for embroidery on toddler clothing or for quilt blocks.  Of course, you could also use them as they were intended, and print them out for children to color.  Click thumbnails to enlarge.

A big thank you to all of the people who have managed to save the old books, quilt patterns, and embroidery transfers that I love.

Poster Picture Book to color
Peter Mabie, illustrator
Whitman Publishing, 1934



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