Alice Brooks Transfer #5646 — Cottage #1

This is the first of the large group of vintage transfers sent to me by my friend, Patty (Petalier at Etsy).  It’s one of two cottages in the group, and I wonder if there might have been even more in the original series.  It takes 8 scans to capture the entire sheet, and fitting the images together is kind of challenging, since I can never seem to keep the paper completely straight in the scanner.  Fortunately, pretty much the only Photoshop skills I possess are for tweaking and cleaning up old transfers, although I am very slow.

These large design transfer patterns were meant for pictures or wall hangings, but I’ve always thought they would be nice on a quilt too.  This one was published by Needlecraft Services, Inc. under the Alice Brooks name.  The original sheet has the transfer and instructions on one page, but I have separated them here.  The transfer size is 15″ x 20″, and I have kept the image large in case you would like to copy it.  Although many of my vintage transfers are still in pretty good shape, and I might be able to iron them on fabric, I never do.  I prefer to copy my patterns onto the fabric using a light box and a #2 pencil, even though it takes a lot longer.  (Click twice on the images for full size)



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