Seven Sisters Quilt — Finished Blocks

Here’s what I said in a post about this quilt when I first started:

This project began with a box of vintage salesmen sample swatches — probably from the 1940s or maybe the 1950s. There were hundreds of prints (some with duplicates and different colorways), and all of the pieces were the same size (1 3/4″ x 3″) with a pinked edge. I drew a pattern of how I wanted to set the blocks and computed that I would need 1,488 printed diamonds, plus 936 various white pieces.

I sorted the swatches into color groups of 42 for each block, and then into sets of 6 for each of the 7 stars.  Some of the prints have light backgrounds, so I tried to arrange the various light and darker prints to make sure each finished block would read a particular color.

Now, finally, all hand piecing of the blocks and half blocks is done and I can start putting the top together with the setting triangles.  Although I initially thought solid color triangles would look nice, I’ve since changed my mind and I’m going with white.  Somehow the star effect created by the colored triangles seemed to detract from the sisters blocks, which I think should be the main focus. I’m planning on finishing up the top on the machine, so hopefully it won’t take too long.

My wall isn’t big enough to lay out the 32 blocks and 6 half blocks, so I just arranged them on a sheet on the floor.


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