Aprons and Bibs, 1945

The illustrations in this booklet are so cute, and the aprons are pretty sweet too. Yesterday I decided to make another donation apron for the thrift shop, and I tried to figure out the easiest way to enlarge the patterns in this book. Drawing the designs on paper seemed like a drag, so I thought I might be able to enlarge the pattern on my computer and then tile print it.  I wasn’t successful, but I’m going to keep working at it.

The apron I ended up making is one I just made up after rummaging through my vintage fabrics.  Sometimes this process of auditioning different designs, fabrics and trims takes longer than sewing the actual garment, but it is just as enjoyable.  The cute border print wasn’t wide enough to make an apron by itself, so I turned it into an overskirt by cutting the bottom scalloped edge, adding additional scallops to the sides, and trimming the edge with contrasting bias tape.  The red fabric for the underskirt is new.

I’ve done this apron-with-an-apron thing several times before (my favorites are here and here) — vintage napkins make an especially cute overskirt.




Aprons and Bibs
American Thread Company, 1945

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