Heart Quilting Patterns

Since I’m already thinking about Valentines Day, here are some cute heart patterns from vintage Quilter’s Newsletter magazines.

The first pattern is from the February, 1986 issue, and is an adaptation of a design used in the cover quilt.  The pattern is meant to fit a 9 1/2″ to 10 1/2″ block set on the diagonal.


The second pattern is from the February, 1987 issue.  The different elements in the design could be easily changed or swapped.  The directions suggest a 10 1/4″ block, set diagonally.


The last pattern is from the February, 1983 issue, and is a reprint of a vintage Nancy Page design.  I think it’s kind of cool that, although this is a very old pattern, it looks like a modern machine quilting design.


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