Retro Girl – 1950s Style Dress

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t have named this blog “Q is for Quilter,” because I have many other hobbies besides quilting.  There haven’t been too many quilting posts lately, but it’s not like I’ve given up quilting — I work on my Seven Sisters top every day.  It’s just that I think it’s pretty boring to look at photos of the same blocks day after day.

So, once again, I’m going to show you my latest dress for the thrift shop.  This pattern has an amazingly full skirt, with an equally full apron skirt on top.  They are both gathered to the bodice which made for a very thick seam, so I graded each layer and covered the whole seam with double-fold bias tape for a clean finish.  This is something I do quite a bit on unfinished seams — it only takes a minute and I think it looks as good or better than a serger (which I don’t have).

I like all the little details on this dress, and I was surprised when I read the instructions to find out that the apron is sewn to the dress.  The only separate piece is the ribbon and fabric sash, with its cute button detail.  Because it’s so full, this dress is quite a bit heavier than any of my other dresses.


Here is the hang tag for this dress.  I needed to put fabric content and washing instructions, so I thought it would be fun to add the illustration from the original sewing pattern.

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