More Seven Sisters Quilt Blocks

Progress is slow on the Seven Sisters quilt, but I am trying not to get distracted, and hope to finish this top before moving on to another project.  My routine is to reserve handwork for the evenings, while projects that require machine sewing (and other strange projects that require being upstairs), are worked on during the day.  House cleaning, cooking and yard work are done sporadically, and sometimes grudgingly.

Last month I posted more Seven Sister blocks and a description of the quilt.  Several readers have asked if I knew where to find a pattern for this quilt, so here is a link to a Quilters Newsletter archive page where you will find a version of the pattern (pdf download), as well as a scan of a pattern which I have placed at the bottom of this post (click pattern pages to enlarge).  The diamond template for my blocks is 2″ on a side, in order to accommodate the vintage fabric swatches I am using.

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