A Christmas Present Project

This is a project I have had in my head for the longest time.  There were lots of things to work out, including some challenging geometry involving a hexagonal pyramid, and the audition of potential materials (wool felt, canvas, and craft foam).  Craft foam was the winner.  I have completed hand cutting most of the nearly 500 wedges, which will be sewn to black bottom-weight fabric and stitched into pyramids.  Now that construction has begun, I am getting pretty excited.

UPDATE:  After sewing several pyramids together, I’m having doubts about the foam.  This evening I bought some different felt than I tried before, which I am going to experiment with tomorrow.  The colors aren’t quite as good, but I think I like the texture and the general look of it better.

I had thought someone might be able to guess what I’m making, but it’s so obscure that I would be amazed if anyone knew — so I’m just going to tell you.  It’s a copy of the bedspread from the set of Alex DeLarge’s bedroom in the Stanley Kubrick movie,  A Clockwork Orange.  I know I am spending an inordinate amount of time on a sort of novelty gift, but it’s a fun challenge.  If I end up using the felt, the new challenge will be what to do with 500 foam wedges.

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