Faithful Circle Quilt – WIP

Vintage Double Wedding Ring tops, blocks and pieces are some of the easier vintage quilt projects to find.  It was a hugely popular pattern during the Depression, but it’s also a fairly difficult one to piece.  It seems that many woman began working on them, but then at some point became frustrated.  Because I have managed to collect lots of Double Wedding Ring quilt blocks and pieces, I am always looking for patterns where I can use those little skinny rectangles.

Yesterday I was looking through my old quilt booklets, and found this pattern, which I had forgotten all about.

The B piece is too wide for the DWR pieces I’ll be using, so I redrafted the pattern, changing the 3 B pieces into one rectangle template.  I also changed the size of the rectangle to fit my slightly longer DWR pieces.  It’s a liberating feeling to be able to use a simple ruler, compass, and protractor to design or change any quilt pattern you like.

Here is the box of 2,200 pieces I’ll be using to make the new B rectangle — originally 220 1930s Double Wedding Ring arcs.

First I starch and press my little pieces, sew five together (turning every other piece upside down to accommodate the angled sides), press again, trace my rectangle template on the right side of the fabric, and cut.

For more ideas on how to use vintage Double Wedding Ring blocks and pieces, here are some patterns I have used in the past.

Cottage Doll Quilt
Ferris Wheel Quilt Top
Baby Doll Quilt
Strip Pieced Tulip Quilt Blocks
Bunny Quilt Top
Baby Bunting Quilt Blocks
Friendship Knot Quilt Blocks (these DWR pieces were wider)

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