Bloggers’ Quilt Festival – Charley Harper Water Drop Quilt

It’s time once again for the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival over at Amy’s Creative Side.  Although it’s only been a few months since I posted my Charley Harper Water Drop Quilt, I am using it as my entry because it’s my current favorite of all the quilts I’ve made.

The idea began when my husband gave me the book, Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life, which contained beautiful photographs of Charley Harper’s work, including several from the 1961 book, The Giant Golden Book of Biology.  I love using vintage illustrations as inspirations for quilts, and I was immediately drawn to the water drop illustration with its abundance of interesting organisms.  I decided to make the quilt for my nephew, Chris, who loves biology.

The organisms were stitched using a combination of hand applique and embroidery (no fusible), with a little paint for some of the tiny details.  The outline of the drop is white bias tape, and the top is hand quilted with amoeba shapes within the drop and echo quilting on the outside of the drop.

Charley Harper Water Drop Quilt
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2012
illustration from The Giant Golden Book of Biology, 1961
hand embroidered & appliqued (with a little painting), hand quilted
48″ x 62″


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