Antique Album Quilt – Remade

It’s been wonderful to be able to hand quilt again.  My carpal tunnel has improved after taking a 4 month quilting break and wearing a wrist brace to bed.  I was so happy to get back to this project, and I’m looking forward to quilting more of the insane amount of tops I have waiting in the queue.

The original quilt top and another top from the same period were purchased together on ebay for $9.95 with a “buy-it-now” option.

This quilt has a rather long story, which I have talked about in earlier posts.

Chapter 1:  I purchase the antique top and check out the amazing fabrics.

Chapter 2:  A quilt historian contacts me and advises me not to take the quilt apart.

Chapter 3:  I begin taking the quilt apart and remaking the blocks (no small task as many of the individual block pieces contained one or more seams).

Chapter 4:  I make more blocks.

Chapter 5:  The top is completed, and I make a mistake.

The sashing and some of the blocks contained rotten fabric; the new sashing is a reproduction fabric, and some replacement blocks were constructed with period fabrics from my collection. The quilting is a simple diagonal grid in the blocks, and straight lines in the sashing.  My favorite fabric is the 1876 centennial commemorative print in the second photo.

Antique Album Quilt – Remade
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2012
machine pieced, hand quilted
56″ x 70″

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