Alice in Wonderland Redwork Quilt Blocks #5 and #6

This is the project I took on my long vacation immediately after my daughter’s wedding last year.  This type of embroidery is so perfect for traveling; it’s even better than hand piecing because there are no little pieces to keep track of, and only one color of thread.  The Alice blocks go very slowly (especially the fish footman), and I was only able to finish 2 blocks the whole time I was gone.  The blocks are 6″ x 9 3/4″ (click for closeups), which is the same size as the antique painting book pages.  I’m using one strand of DMC 498 floss on a vintage cotton sheet.

The book was published by Platt & Munk Co. and is undated, but if I compare it to my other old paint books, I would guess it’s from the 1920s or maybe even earlier.  Unfortunately, the illustrator is uncredited, which is sad because I love these drawings.  Of course, the Tenniel illustrations are fabulous, but these are easier to embroider, they’re very cute, and I had never seen them before.

Here are the four previous blocks.

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