Appliqued Scottie Doll Quilt Top

This is Phase 2 of the doll quilt kit samples — one down, and two more to go.

Years ago on ebay I saw a vintage scottie quilt with a similar diagonal set with the striped setting triangles, and I always wanted to try it.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

A couple of people asked me about the glue technique and I wanted to answer their questions.  The glue I use is Aleene’s Fabric Fusion which I thinly paint on top and just inside of the cutting line (1/8″ or less).  The glue is to prevent the fabric from raveling and to avoid having to turn under the edges of the piece; not to adhere the scottie to the background fabric.  Once the glue is dry, the piece is cut and appliqued in the usual fashion using a blanket stitch (or buttonhole if you prefer).  These stitches work best because the needle does not have to pierce the glued edge of the piece.

The top finishes at 18″ x 23″


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