Pieced Scottie Quilt Top – 1940s prints

Thank you everyone for your nice comments about the shop.  I have been working very hard this past week on the little doll kits.

The plan for this Scottie quilt top was to make kits, but I wasn’t happy with it because the scale was all wrong.  I was concerned about the number of pieces, and not making it too difficult to sew, but I think it would have looked much better with smaller scotties.  The top below is 19″ x 22″ and the square pieces finish about 3/4″. Because of the size problem, I decided to go ahead and sell this as a kit with a finished top and the other fabrics necessary to complete the quilt.  It sold right away, so maybe I’ll try cutting a version with smaller dogs (1/2″ finished squares), and probably change the pattern to remove the tiny printed triangle under his neck.

This might be a larger problem for me, as many of the quilt patterns I would like to make into beginner or intermediate kits (a house, for instance), and which have easy straight seams, become much more challenging when the pattern is shrunk to doll quilt proportions.  I’ll just have to keep working at it.  If they don’t seem kit worthy,  I guess I can always try to sell the tops.


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