Vintage Strawberry Chintz Fabric Aprons

This set of aprons was really fun to make because I had more fabric to work with.  Vintage chintz is pretty much my favorite fabric to use in aprons.  It’s especially nice if the piece hasn’t been washed and still has its original finish (like the strawberry fabric), but chintz is still pretty even if it’s used and soft.

On this apron I had enough of a pale green striped chintz to actually make a mitered border.  The border print has a little more heft to it, almost like tablecloth fabric.   Unfortunately,  there wasn’t nearly enough for a sash, so a piece of bed sheet was substituted.  The skirt on this one is pleated, rather than my usual habit of gathering.  I hope people won’t mind that I am often forced to make seams in places you might not expect, which is just something that happens when you are working with odd shapes and limited amounts of fabric.

This is a circular skirt, a new variation that I haven’t tried before.  Of course, when you’re cutting this pattern from 36″ wide fabric, the circular skirt is going to be a little short, so you have to add a ruffle or a border of some kind.  Most of the strawberry print ended up in this apron, because ruffles use a lot of fabric.  I prefer to wear a closer fitting apron, but the fuller styles are so pretty and feminine, and almost look more like skirts than aprons.  At the bridal shower, I think the bigger aprons were picked first.

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