Vintage Green Fabric Aprons – Roses and a Border Print

The apron inspiration is still going strong.  Even though I should probably move on to doll quilts or some other product idea, I don’t want to stop when I’m having this much fun.

The vintage fabric on the Rose Apron is a sort of cheater quilted fabric.  I have several variations of this type of print, and they are all so cute.  A novelty pocket has been on my to-do list for the longest time, and I finally came up with an idea.  This one is made with a vintage Vogart  Everglaze Chintz applique.

One problem I have when working with narrower width vintage fabric is that a 36″ wide apron is a little skimpy.  I try to work around the problem by cutting the piece in half and adding a bit to the width (as above), or using some additional fabric to add a little extra to the sides (as below).  With this border print apron, I used the top of the border fabric to create scallops around the bottom and sides of the apron, creating both length (since I cut off so much from the top) and a little more fullness.  I was so happy to find that brown polka-dot ribbon in my giant box of ribbon pieces.

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