Pink & Blue Aprons — Geometric Print & Wilendur Napkin

I hope you are not getting sick of looking at these aprons, because I am clearly on a roll here.  This cute vintage geometric print was purchased in a cool thrift shop in Arcata, California on one of our road trips down the coast highway.  The combinations on this apron are a little odd, but it’s actually one of my favorites.  The pockets are also vintage fabric, but the black and white fabrics are new.  After some serious scrounging to find something for the sash, I was so happy to finally find a black and white shirt that Elliott left in his old room.  No fabric is safe here, although family clothing is usually a last resort.  It’s all about the hunt!


This second apron style I’ve done a couple of times, but I really like the “apron with an apron” look.  The sweet pink print, napkin and sash are all vintage; the floral trim pieces on the bottom and back edges are new.  Originally, I planned to put this napkin on the blue print above, but Emily talked me out of it.  I trust her opinion (even though I disagreed at the time), so I hope she likes the way they turned out.

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