Little Aprons, Masculine and Feminine

Lately I have been obsessed with browsing antique newspapers, looking for apron inspiration.  This set of children’s aprons is so cute, that I thought I would clean up the image and share it with you.  The directions in these old publications are always so quaint and are usually well written, but inevitably they assume a sewing ability that, unfortunately, many women no longer possess.

My favorite thing about this pattern is the illustration of the tools in the “tiny carpenter’s apron.”  Those two tools on the right look suspiciously like an awl and a chisel.  Even for 1919, that seems a little odd, especially since the similarly sized bunny apron is allegedly for a one-year-old.

I have retyped the original instructions, which were rather blurry.  Click on image to read the text.

Milwaukee Sentinel, 1919

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