Big Pocket Aprons – Vintage Clover Chintz and Floral Tablecloth

Just a couple more aprons after this, since I already have the fabric selected.  Then I promise to change it up and move on to the little quilt kits.

The fabric for this first apron was advertised as a cutter luncheon cloth.  It was homemade using medium weight fabric that I think had faded evenly over time.  Still, it is such a pretty print, and has a nice soft look.  Although there was one stain and one tiny hole, I was able to cut around them.  The floral fabric on the pockets is also vintage, while everything else is new.  Although you can’t tell from my photos, I always line my apron pockets with a different, coordinating fabric.

This apron is made from a vintage Waverly chintz sales sample.  It had two big grommets in either side and was a large sample at 26″ x 36″.  I am very fond of this clover print with its unusual colors.  The pale yellow floral is also a vintage fabric, probably from the 1950s.  The pocket on this apron is very generous, to say the least.  You could probably fit a small dog in there, just in case you wanted to cook with your chihuahua.

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