Vintage Tablecloth Aprons

Here are two more items for the future Etsy shop.  It’s pretty fun to come up with different aprons made with the same vintage fabric piece, in this case a small linen tablecloth that had a few holes in the border.

My favorite part of the process is designing the apron, and this can take almost as long as stitching it together.  I always challenge myself to use only fabrics I have in the sewing room, which actually helps with inspiration, especially since most of my fabric pieces are pretty small.  I cut the tablecloth into two sections, the center piece with small flowers, and the cute flower pot border.

On the first apron I wanted to incorporate the whole border, including the corners.  Because I used part of the cutout center section as a little mini-apron, I filled in the missing center of the underneath skirt with a piece of vintage muslin.  The green is a leftover piece of polished cotton I used in the Cross-Stitched Tulip Quilt.

For the second apron, I wanted to highlight the yellow in the tablecloth.  There wasn’t as much tablecloth fabric to work with on this one, but I like all of the yellow prints (even though they’re new instead of vintage).

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