One Patch Triangle Doll Quilt Top

This is another sample for a doll quilt kit.  It’s a 17″ square and, in keeping with many pieced quilts of this period, I don’t think I will add a border, although you certainly could if you wanted.  I’ve used this same set before on a table topper (with a border), but for the topper I used multicolored stripes.  The reasons I picked triangles are simplicity and  flexibility in arrangement.  It’s also nice that I can lay out and photograph the pieces, and a potential buyer can actually get an idea of how the finished quilt will look.  This particular triangle set must have a name, but I couldn’t find one in my reference books.

The cutting for this is very simple, of course, but it’s the prep work that takes so much time.  Selecting each little print; cutting up the old blocks or tops; and finally soaking, pressing and cutting.  Although it’s pretty time consuming, I am excited to share my passion for making little quilts with authentic vintage and antique fabric.

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