Simple Gifts – 6 Heartwarming Stories by Famed Authors and Illustrators

Gordon and I first watched this PBS program in 1977, a year after we were married.  We loved these wonderful animated shorts, and never forgot them.  PBS at some point produced a VHS copy of this program, but unfortunately it was not broadcast again (to my knowledge) and has never been released on DVD.  Last year I managed to locate a VHS copy which I transferred to DVD and gave to everyone in my extended family.

I have happily discovered that all 6 segments have been uploaded to YouTube by kmcleod31721. This is one of my favorite Christmas videos of all time, right up there with “A Christmas Memory” (the 1966 Geraldine Page original, narrated by Truman Capote), which is also out of print, but available on YouTube in 6 segments, beginning here.

Take a few minutes to watch the Simple Gifts prologue by Maurice Sendack, along with “A Memory of Christmas,” a short film based on a story of a childhood Christmas Eve written by the American playwright, Moss Hart, and narrated by José Ferrer.

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