Paris Illuminé

This is a fabulous book from Patricia (a/k/a Pillpat on Flickr) who has uploaded the most amazing collection of vintage illustrations.  I love these images so much, that I am trying to construct a nightlight using four of the designs.  With an X-acto knife, I am cutting the designs out of black card stock, and then I’m going to add parchment paper and colored cellophane pieces, which, according to Patricia, is the intended use of the book.  I’m going to try and build this myself, although I’ll probably need Gordon’s help with the electrical part.

Clicking on the the photos will take you back to Patricia’s Flickr set, where you can also see the rest of the pages.

paris illum p0

paris illum p2

paris illum p3

paris illum p8

paris illum p7

paris illum p12

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