Paris Illuminé Lamp – Finished

Turning the concept in my head into an actual lamp was actually not that difficult, if you don’t include the part where I accidentally managed to smear glue on one of the panels and had to completely redo it.  I am thinking about making a similar lamp for a child’s room, but there are a few steps in the process that I’m going to tweak.

Overall, I’m very happy with the way the lamp turned out.  It looks pretty much like I envisioned it, although I think it has a distinctly “homemade” look to it.

It’s now officially freak out mode which always happens around Thanksgiving.  There are 3 more gifts to finish, and one actually isn’t going to be completed — it’s one of those situations where the recipient has to give the present right back to you so you can finish it.  I like to blame the wedding for messing up my schedule, but it seems to happen every year regardless of what’s going on.

Room Lights On

Room Lights Off

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