Wedding — Mosaic Cookie Table

Emily and Aaron decided to serve Molly Moon’s ice cream for dessert instead of a cake or cupcakes.  The ice cream turned out to be a good choice, since it was a very warm day.  Fortunately, the Georgetown Ballroom is conveniently set up for food vendor trucks since they can just drive right into the outdoor patio.

Aaron’s mother, Bryce, is a talented artist whose home is filled with her amazing artwork.  After seeing some of the vintage pieces we were going to be using on the tables, she constructed a fabulous tiered cookie table out of plywood and decorated the entire piece with broken vintage dishes from the Goodwill.  She even made an edge around each tier that mimicked my pennants.  For the bottom skirt, she dyed a vintage damask tablecloth.

Aaron’s Aunt Jesse is a fabulous baker; she made all of the cookies you see displayed on the table (plus tons of extras), and the giant cupcake on top.   There were so many cookies, each member of the wedding party got a bag of cookies to take home.

Aunt Jesse and Bryce

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