Twist-Off Prize Ribbons

Emily and her Maid of Honor, Gianna, came up with the idea of having a “Twist-Off” at the wedding reception (think “Pulp Fiction”). Emily was planning to order a couple of trophies, but then she and I found this great stuff on sale at Michaels. I wonder if the company that manufactured these items has gone out of business, because everything was marked $1 or less. It’s an interesting product — lots of different elements that you can put together to make all types of award ribbons in several sizes. We bought a bunch of different pieces, took some of them apart, and then added a few things of our own. They are big (5″ diameter), but very light. We put pins on the back, but you could add magnets instead.

My sister taught me how to do the twist in 1960 on her first visit home from college. That was a long time ago, so I think maybe I need to practice if I am going to compete. Emily knows how to do the twist, but I was pleased when she asked me to teach her the Mashed Potato (the blonde dancer is doing it correctly — the brunette is just doing her own thing).

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