Vintage 9-Patch Quilt Top — Redo (Version 2)

This evening I cut and pasted the photo of the new block to get an idea of how it was going to look as a whole top. Although I knew the blue sashing was going to make a big change in the look of the quilt, I thought that would be a good thing and would bring some symmetry. Well…it did that, but it also turned the top into something completely different. I had to think of something else.

After ripping off the sashing, I decided to leave the longer sashing strips (without the red cornerstones in the original), but cut them from an assortment of vintage prints. Now, I’m happy with the look — it’s super scrappy like the original, but eliminating some of the cornerstones and making the crosses the same print within the blocks is enough to satisfy my sense of order.  Now I’m pretty excited about the direction this is taking, although I think I may change all the cornerstones to a solid red.



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