Retirement Gifts

Yesterday was our school’s end of the year party, and we celebrated my retirement.  My favorite part was a hilarious skit of me teaching one of my first grade computer classes.  I laughed so hard I was weeping.  Fortunately, I’ll still get to see my friends,  since the school is only 4 blocks from my house.

I want to share two of my gifts, which are sort of apron related.  Our art teacher, Leanne, gave me a poseable cloth doll which is made by wrapping fabric around an aluminum foil figure — one of many fabulous projects she does with our kids.  For my doll, she added an apron and a little quilt.  It has a place of honor on the shelf in my sewing room.

Suzanne is my friend who recently retired after teaching at our school for over 30 years.  One of her gifts was a vintage 100 lb. sugar sack that she found among her mother’s things.  I thought it would make a great apron, and that way I would think of Suzanne every time I wore it.  For the shower gifts I only made half aprons, but sometimes I need a full apron because I am such a slob when I’m working in the kitchen.

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