Mosaic Flower Pots

My niece, Jennifer, volunteers at her sons’ school helping the students create art projects, and her latest idea was decorating clay pots. Her son, Maxwell, made this cute pot and gave it to me for my birthday. Originally, there was a sweet Gerbera daisy in the pot, which I transplanted outside. Now I use the flower pot in my sewing room to hold my pens, and I can admire it every day.

Thank you Max!

After Jennifer finished working in the classroom, she decided to make a larger (and more elaborate) version for my birthday. I have taken lots of photos which you should click to enlarge so you can see all the fabulous details. Jennifer is a very creative and artistic girl, and I think it’s wonderful that she takes the time to share her talent with so many children.

Here’s Jennifer with her daughter, Marjorie, who is going to be Emily’s flower girl at the wedding.

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