Favorite Paint Book — Little Boys

Last year I posted scans of 20 little girls from this undated vintage paint book by Mary Alice Stoddard, and I mentioned that I would also upload 20 images of little boys from the same book.  I forgot all about this until yesterday, when I received  an email from Wanetha, who included a photo of an adorable doll quilt she made using one of the little girl illustrations.

Wanetha’s embroidered quilt is 22″ x 24″ and is tinted with both Crayola crayons and Prismacolor pencils.  I love the colors she used, the addition of the rick-rack, and the adorable doll fabric for the border.  Thank you so much, Wanetha, for allowing me to share your cute quilt.  It is always exciting for me when a quilter or embroiderer creates something from my old books or transfers.

Now, finally, here are the boy illustrations from the book — click to see full-sized images.

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