Vintage-Inspired Apron – #18

Thank you, everyone, for the sweet birthday wishes.  My daughter and I spent the day together getting our hair done and working on wedding stuff.  Then there was the fabulous party and a wonderful dinner — fried rock cod, tortellini with roasted vegetables, salad, and that amazing cake.  I was feeling pretty happy in that picture, but it wasn’t the Absolut vodka — I’m strictly a gin martini girl.

Now about the latest apron, which I really wish you could feel.  It’s made with a vintage Waverly chintz decorator fabric (36″ wide) that is marked “A Waverly Bonded Fabric – Old One Hundred.”  There is a little sheen to it, but it’s not highly glazed or polished.  The thread count must be very high, because it is extremely smooth and soft.  Not only that, but it’s also a beautiful floral print in that pinkish purple shade I love so much.

The pockets are made with 3 hemstitched and embroidered napkins from a set of 6 purchased on ebay (2 purple, 2 green, 1 pink, 1 blue).  They were all rolled up in a cute presentation box that proclaimed they were made from the world’s finest linen — Moygashel.  My mother had a Irish Moygashel tablecloth, and I remember her saying she thought it was the best.  I was sorry to have to cut into a third napkin to make the edging around the pockets, but they just faded into the background without the bias trim.

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