Vintage-Inspired Apron – #16

This apron was inspired by a pattern envelope I saw somewhere online and now cannot find, or I would give credit to the original.  The pockets on the apron are so cute, and although I thought they would be fairly useless, they actually aren’t that bad.  I would sure like to read the original pattern instructions to see how they did the binding on the pocket opening — I’m certain it would be different than the way I did it, but I think it looks fine.

The cute yellow fabric was a small feedsack tablecloth with pink rick-rack around the outer edges.  There were the usual needle holes in a couple of places — I patched them on the back so you couldn’t see through the holes (you can see this in the second photo).  I didn’t end up using the rick-rack on this apron, but I saved it for something else because it’s a great color.  For the bias binding I used an unusual print — a 1930’s bubblegum pink calico that is made to look like antique double-pink fabric.  I guess you could call this a very early reproduction fabric.

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