Vintage-Inspired Aprons – #1 and #2

My daughter often gets phone calls that begin something like this: “I just had this really good idea for the wedding, and I hope you like it because I’ve already started working on it.” She’s a good sport.

My latest idea is to make vintage-inspired aprons as favors for all the guests at the bridal shower I will be hosting some time in July. There are so many things I like about this project — the aprons are really fun to design and sew because each one is different; I get to use up all kinds of remnants in my ever-growing stash; and it’s a nice break from the embroidered napkins, which are not difficult, but so boring.

The aprons are being constructed with whatever I can find in my sewing room, using a combination of newer and vintage fabrics and trims. The vintage fabrics provide lots of inspiration, but I’ve also been looking online at photos of vintage pattern envelopes. There will be around 20 guests, so I hope I don’t run out of ideas — I think I’ll just stick with half aprons.

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