Vintage-Inspired Aprons – #7 and #8

Thank you so much to everyone who made comments on my aprons — I am really pleased that you like them.

My mother had an apron with a pocket border around the bottom, only hers had a sleeveless top and a very short pocket border just below the waist. I always liked that apron, but I never wore it as a child because it was much too big. My mother’s apron style was probably a lot more practical than this one, but I like mine anyway. The fabric with the floral squares made perfect individual pockets.

My favorite fabric to use in these aprons is an old glazed chintz. It’s so smooth, has a nice crisp feel, and keeps its shape. On this apron I was at first going to narrow the ruffle as it came up to the waistband in the back, but then decided to just continue the same ruffle width and attach the end of the ruffle to the waistband. Maybe I’ll try the graduated ruffle on another apron since I have lots more to make.

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