Vintage-Inspired Aprons — #5 and #6

Making these aprons is a lot like putting together a quilt with vintage fabric. Substitutions and compromises must be made along the way, although I enjoy the challenge of putting something together with stuff I have on hand. When I go to a fabric store to buy something particular for a project, I am often overwhelmed, frustrated, and end up leaving the store without purchasing anything. It’s just easier for me to purchase fabric I love (vintage or new) and let the prints inspire the project.

On this apron, I had just enough of the floral print left over to make a pocket by sewing two small pieces together, although it took me a little while to figure out how to cut the pocket and do the gathering to make it look right. The waistband is not actually scalloped on the top — that’s caused by the pins I used to attach it to the hanger. I really like that old floral print.

The pockets on this apron are small armchair doilies folded in half — this turned the bow motif upside down, but I thought it still looked cute. I was a little disappointed at first that I lined this vintage chintz apron with the same fabric, because I didn’t have any fabric left over for a sash. The next day I received a package of vintage eyelet fabric remnants which was just perfect for the sash, so I am pretty happy now.

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