Vintage-Inspired Aprons – #11 and #12

An apron with an apron!  This is an old Wilendur napkin that I thought looked cute with the red printed gingham.  Although this is a pretty simple design, it took longer than any of the others because of the hand stitching.  I tried a little chicken scratch embroidery on the hem, and the binding on the napkin needed to be done by hand.  It would be fun to do that old-style apron with the kitchen towel attached to the waistband, but I don’t have a cute vintage towel with the right look.  It should be terrycloth with fringe, but most of those are just not that cute.

I used a fusible to attach these appliques which came from vintage drapery fabric remnants.  My favorite part of this apron is the adorable vintage rose print fabric which makes an especially cute big bow.  I think I need to do some more big bows, which don’t really take any more fabric than the smaller version.   My rolled hem attachment is perfect to use on the big bows.

I’m not completely sure how many aprons I need to make, but I think it will be around 20.  If I have any left over, I could always do a give-away.

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