More Vintage Inspired Aprons – #3 and #4

Two days in a row — I guess you can tell I’m having a good time with these aprons. It’s so fun scrounging around the sewing room looking for things to use as embellishment. The first apron is made from vintage yardage that reminds me of feedsack. I didn’t want to add pockets to this one because it would mess up the print design, so I added some tiny craft buttons left over from the package I bought for Shirley Temple’s coat. It’s probably going to be tricky ironing this one.

This next apron is vintage glazed chintz marked “Everglaze” which was a process allegedly guaranteed to keep it’s shine through many washings. The appliques on the pockets are old Vogart iron-on appliques. They came in a lot of Vogart sew-on chintz appliques (my favorite), and I wasn’t sure I’d ever use the iron-on type. Now I’m really glad I saved them, because they are actually pretty cute.

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