Transformer Cubees

Saturday was Elliott’s birthday party, and I know I have mentioned before that my party themes for Elliott alternate between Transformers and GI Joe, which were his favorite toys when he was little (Emily always has a Hello Kitty birthday).  Last year I made GI Joe cubees, so this time I wanted to make the Transformer versions (available from Cyberdrone on DeviantArt).  Because there are many more Transformer cubee designs available, I got a little carried away.  It takes about 20 – 25 minutes to cut one out and put it together.  I like to use short, sharp scissors and a razor blade or Exacto knife, but you can do it all with the Exacto knife if you prefer.  The construction is done with tabs and slits — no glue or tape required — and they’re fun to make.

I also made some Star Wars cubees for Max and Oliver, but forgot to get photos.  You can find pretty much any character you want by just Googling their name and the word cubee.  I like these so much I’m going to figure out a way to use them again in a couple of years.



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