The Almost Perfect Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

To be honest, I have been dreading looking for a dress.  Although I knew what I wanted (linen sheath, preferably pink), I doubted I would be able to find just the right dress.  Then, on Sunday, Emily and I stopped by the Goodwill on our way back from picking up her wedding dress (a perfect fit — what a relief).  We found some things for the tables (more depression glass and some pretty cutwork doilies), a wonderful Bergdorf Goodman wool/cashmere jacket for Emily ($10), and this pretty dress which Emily found.  Okay, this isn’t my photo (because my pictures were terrible) — it’s from an ebay listing I discovered yesterday for the exact same dress.  But my dress was only $13.00, and I love the idea of finding the perfect dress at the Goodwill.  The only problem:  it’s a size 8 and it’s tight.  For this wedding, the bride’s mother (instead of the bride) will be going on a diet to fit into her dress.


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