You Can Make It – Things to Do With Scissors and Paste – Easter

I love this book.  I love it so much that I’m going to be sharing every single project in the entire book, so I hope you like it at least a little bit.  The book was published in 1943 by the Silver Burdett Company; the authors are Louis V. Newkirk, Director of Industrial Arts Education for the Chicago Public Schools, and La Vada Zutter, a commercial illustrator and former teacher of arts and crafts, Chicago Public Schools.  Although the book has a boring cover which I didn’t bother to scan, the endpapers are wonderful.

Each craft project is printed on two facing pages — one page of illustrations and one page of instructions.  I love the simplicity of this format, and it also makes it easy for me to scan and post.  About half of the crafts are holiday related, so I will try to add those during the appropriate holiday — the others I will just post randomly.  When I can manage it, I’ll try to make the craft myself and post photos.  There are two more Easter crafts coming soon, one with adorable Easter egg favors.

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