More Wedding Pennants

I ended up making lots more of these than I originally anticipated.  They looked so cute that I kept thinking of other places to use them besides the aisle — like around the edges of the buffet tables — on the stair railing where the girls will enter — or up high on the patio.  I have about 60 yards of pennants now, so I think I’m done.  They are sewn in one continuous length, so I can just cut what I need at the venue.  Wrapping them around the skinny cardboard box worked pretty well for keeping them from getting wrinkled, and makes it easy to hide them from Elvis.

I’ve also ordered 100 yards of 1/8″ red satin ribbon and a 3″ scalloped circle paper punch to make 3-dimensional paper garlands that I intend to hang vertically behind the area Emily and Aaron will stand during the ceremony.  We’ve also decided to add a runner to our table decor, so I’m hoping to find a cute stripe at Joann’s where I can use one of those ubiquitous coupons.

After the wedding, I’ll probably be selling these (and lots of Depression glass) on Etsy.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to be let down or relieved when this is all over.

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