Antique 4-Patch Quilt Top

This is one of two quilt tops I recently purchased on Etsy. I plan to dismantle this top for the fabric, and there are several reasons I liked this particular top — the block pieces are relatively large, there are lots of cool prints (especially shirtings, and most especially red shirtings), and it was hand sewn which makes it easy to take apart.

Antique Quilt Top
68″ x 78″

Here are some closeup photos of some of the fabrics. I rarely find antique green fabric, so I was pleased to see the little green pieces with the holly print, but my favorite fabric (and the reason I was drawn to this top in the first place) is the wonderful brown and pink with the wavy design .

Chris just asked if I know the age of the fabrics, and I don’t. I am hoping that someone reading this might have an idea — Ann Champion perhaps?

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