Vintage Shirley Temple Doll — More Outfits

Here are the last two outfits for Shirley (at least for this year). Because my sister, Mary, is a nut for Halloween, it seemed like a good idea to make an outfit for Shirley to wear at Mary’s annual Halloween party. I thought about making a costume, but in the end I decided to try and make something similar to the lovely Deco images of Halloween flappers posted on Flickr. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Halloween fabrics that would work — I really wanted a teeny, tiny bat print, but I guess this will have to do. The quality of these photos is pretty bad because they were taken indoors very late at night. Black shoes are on the way.

The wool for this coat was purchased on ebay and I thought it would be a perfect scale for Shirley. It was, but it was also horrible to work with — it raveled something terrible and it’s bulky. I think it turned out pretty well in the end, though. I changed the sleeves to add a fake cuff and some tiny buttons.

One thing that has always bothered me about doll clothes patterns is the construction techniques used in the directions. They are pretty schlocky in my opinion, with raw seams and a lack of facings or linings. Doll clothes for a child get lots of rough use, and I think for that reason alone they should be well made — not to mention they look much better. Of course, my Shirley coat is lined, just like a real coat, even though Mary is pretty careful with her doll clothes now.

Earler Shirley Temples clothes here and here.

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