Vintage O-P Craft Deco Fabric Designs

In May of this year, Gina at Doe-c-Doe sent me a huge package of old quilting templates that she picked up at an estate sale. They were wonderful, and I have already used several of them. Also tucked into the group of templates was this little leaflet published by O-P Craft Company advertising their designs to be used with Crayonex crayons using the “fascinating Crayonexing process,” which is basically ironing the crayon into the fabric.

The illustrations in the leaflet are tiny, but if you ordered the original designs, they were huge (most are 25″ x 36″). My scans are not the best, due to the small size and poor quality of the images, but they are just so cool that I wanted to share them anyway.

It isn’t suggested anywhere in the instructions that you might embellish these pictures with embroidery — just a mention about adding yarn or cord around the edge. Since I received the leaflet, I have managed to locate two unused boxes of vintage Crayonex crayons, and I’m pretty excited about using them on one of the little cottage designs. I’ll let you know if they are any different from the Crayola crayons I normally use.

Click here for more O-P Craft designs.

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