Vintage 9-Patch Crib Quilt – 1930s

The idea of purchasing a finished quilt had never crossed my mind. I’ve bought lots of tops, blocks and pieces, but a completed quilt….never. Why would I do that? I’m a quilter (not a collector), and although I have lots of vintage fabric, I always plan to use it to make quilts and don’t think of myself as a fabric collector, either. This could be me fooling myself.

In any event, when my friend, Barbara at Oodles and Oodles, posted this adorable crib quilt with its amazing typewriter key fabric and the cute sashing and cornerstones, I was surprised at my reaction. I wanted to own that quilt. I thought about how silly I was being and decided I should let someone with a small child or grandchild have the quilt. You will not believe this, but that quilt languished in Barbara’s Etsy Shop for 6 whole weeks while all those mothers and grandmothers had their chance. I mean a person can only restrain themselves for so long, so this week I purchased it as an early Christmas present for myself.

The original binding was the back turned to front (the back is the adorable typewriter key fabric), and it had a few problems. There were a couple of repaired places, and on one short side, the binding had been cut back and re-done with a knife-edge secured with a running stitch. I decided to remove all of the binding and replace it with a piece of 1930s fabric that matched the pretty shade of blue in the quilt. Now the little quilt is hanging in my sewing room where I can look at it every day, and I know I’m going to be making a copy pretty soon because I love it so much.

Be sure to read Barbara’s sweet description of the quilt in her post “{almost} 40 Ways to Love a Quilt.”

1930s 9-patch Crib Quilt
Hand pieced, hand quilted
Unknown quilter
40″ x 50″

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