Grandmother’s Flower Garden Star Quilt-a-Long

My friend, Steffi (Steffi’s Candy Quilts), and I are starting a quilt-a-long to make this amazing vintage Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt that Steffi found on  Steffi, who lives in Germany, is making her quilt with new fabrics, and I am making mine with vintage fabrics.  Of course, we want to extend an invitation to anyone else who might like to participate. We are planning on going fairly slow (maybe one star or two flowers a week) since we are both working on hand quilting projects over the fall and winter.

A while back I was asked if I had trouble cutting into vintage fabric.  Usually the answer is no — the pieces I work with are normally pretty small, and I try to waste as little as possible.  The flower blocks in this quilt will be made from vintage quilt pieces previously cut for a Flower Garden quilt by an anonymous quilter, but the star sections are more problematic.  Because the edge of the star requires 36 hexagons cut from the same fabric, I have to cut into larger vintage remnants which does actually bother me for some reason.  It seems silly (what am I saving them for, if not for a project like this), and I am trying to get past it.

Here are my first two stars, which measure about 19″ at their widest.  My quilt is definitely going to be more pastel than the original because of the particular lot of 1930s pieces I am using.

Lastly, I wanted to show Steffi that I have adopted her pressing technique.  I have never used this technique for only 3 joins, but I like it a lot and the seams are nice and flat.


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