Strippy 4-Patch Quilt Top

This is the second quilt I am making from an antique one-patch top that I took apart — here is the first one. The four-patches are from the antique top, the setting triangles are a combination of antique and vintage scraps, plus some new fabrics. The vertical sashing is a reproduction print. This is another throw for our family room — replacing the fleece we’ve been using for years.

This is the third time I’ve made a quilt using this pattern — the previous two were baby quilts for teachers at work (one I posted here). It’s an easy pattern and can have so many different looks depending upon the fabrics you select. I don’t like to overplan this type of quilt, because it’s a lot more fun to just grab a block and a couple of setting triangles without giving too much thought to colors and patterns. It’s always surprising to me how well they turn out.

Strippy 4-Patch Quilt Top
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2010
machine pieced
56″ square

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